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The Colossal Failure Of The Modern Relationship
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Cat has a mediocre job, a mundane social life and her longtime relationship with Freddy — a famous food and wine writer — has been, well… uninspired. 

Enter Richard, Freddy’s boss. Charming, gregarious and self-confident, he promises to be everything Freddy is not. Cat and Richard’s brief encounter evolves into an affair. Overwhelmed by her own guilt, however, she breaks it off to make a final, sincere attempt to reignite the flame with Freddy by joining him on a writer’s tour of wine country. 

Nothing, however, can prepare Cat for what happens when she finds out Richard – accompanied by his perky, perfect young girlfriend, AMY – is joining them. With their passion for each other ignited by the danger of being discovered, the trip quickly turns into a naughty escapade between Cat and Richard. Yet as Cat better gets to know Richard and, more importantly, Amy, she starts to see things differently. But will it be too late?

Genre: Feature Film

Film Length: 103 min

Showtimes: Thu, Sep 27 at 4:00 PM-6:00 PM

 Sergio Navarretta

Alessandra Piccione
Sergio Navarretta 

Main Cast:
Enrico Colantoni
Krista Bridges
David Cubitt
Brooke Palsson 

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