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Chicago writer-actor McKenzie Chinn stars as a struggling artist, navigating work and romance in the Windy City. When her boyfriend asks her to drop everything and move cross-country, she soon discovers that she might be the biggest obstacle to her own happiness. Featuring quirky animation and a revelatory central performance, Olympia is a sensitive and humorous look at the challenges of embracing adulthood.

Genre: Feature Film
Film Length: 1hr 33min
Website: www.cowlampfilms.com/olympia

Showtimes: Fri, Sep 20 at 4:00 PM-6:00 PM

Directors: Gregory Dixon

Main Cast:
McKenzie Chinn
Charles Andrew Gardner
Ericka Ratcliff


Benton Park Film Festival

Best Director
Best Actress
Best Original Score

Garden State Film Fest
Best Score


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