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A woman faces depression and opioid addiction head on, encountering an unlikely source of help. Is it strong enough to help her break her (family’s) destructive cycle? Does she end it all, or choose to make a change, however small, and survive for her daughter.

Genre: Short Film
Film Length:

Thu, Sep 19 at 5:00 PM-7:00 PM
Showing with: Filch”, “Always”, “The Statement”,  “Avengement”

Linda Palmer

Mark Cardone … executive producer
Joshua B. Cole … executive producer
Barbara Dolny-Bombar … associate producer
Wayne B. Hunt … executive producer
Janice Leverett … co-producer
Diane Musselman … executive producer
Linda Palmer … producer
Julia Silverman … producer
Lee Silverman … co-producer
Myrna Silverman … co-producer
Karen Lee-Glance Smith … co-producer
Janel Tanna … producer
Deon van Rooyen

Main Cast:
Janel Tanna
Julia Silverman
Lillian Trow


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