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Fuga de la Patagonia
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“Winner for Best Foreign Film”

Moreno is a young and enthusiastic explorer conducting scientific research in the still pristine Patagonia.
Because of the outbreak of the Desert Campaign, he is taken prisoner by the Mapuche Nation and sentenced to death.
He manages to escape, but his Aboriginal godson, Francisco Sayhueque, is sent to hunt him.
He flees on a raft of logs, facing a hard river rafting and is shot and wounded in an ambush. Injured and emaciated, he continues his escape by land. He dodge a mysterious and savage gang that uses the war zone as its area of operations. He suffers hunger, fever and all sorts of physical and mental impairments, while trying to survive in a bloody land, the border between two opposing sides about to collide.
This is the story of a journey through a territory without rules, which has become a hell on earth because of the growing war between the white man and the Mapuches, during an historical period that gave this country, Argentina, its definitive form. 

Genre: Feature Film
Film Length: 89min

Showtimes: Thu, Sep 27 at 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Directors: Francisco D’Eufemia

Producers: Javier Zevallos 

Main Cast:
Pablo Ragoni
Gustavo Rodriguez
Bernardo Morico 
Hector Bordoni

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