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Among The Hemlocks
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Fantastic stories from Fredonia, NY

Long ago, the Seneca community lived, and died, on the banks of a small creek surrounded by towering, evergreen trees. These people called the area, “Ga-na-da-wa-o” which means ‘among the hemlocks.’ Today, these waters are called Canadaway Creek, and the surrounding area is the small village of Fredonia, New York State, located just 34 miles from Buffalo.
This historical documentary tells a plethora stories from the voices of a forgotten age. Historical photographs, newspaper clippings, reenactments and voice-overs, bring to life Mark Twain’s short-lived presence in the village; General Lafayette’s brief visit, William Hart’s discovery of natural Gas; the rise of the Christian Women’s Temperance movement; and the Underground Railroad. 
Filmed amidst the beautiful landscapes of Fredonia, this informative, educational, and entertaining documentary incorporates historical music and sounds, to relive a bygone era and the people who lived, died and continue to live among the hemlocks. 

Genre: Short Film
Film Length: 27 min

Showtimes: Fri, Sep 20 at 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Roslin Smith

Roslin Smith

Main Cast:
Vincent Quatroche – Narrator
Associate Professor Elmer Ploetz – Senator Latham Mitchell
Jack Kincaid – William Hart
Sam Holbrook – Devillo White aged 9
Sam Mackintosh-Smith – Saloon Proprietor and Mark Twain
Sandy L. Ploetz – Resident 1850
Mary Croxton – WCTU declaration
Jack Croxton – Dr. Walworth
Albert Johnson – Eber Pettit
Associate Professor/Channel 2 New report Mike Igoe – Normal School Fireman

Underground Railroad songs
SUNY Acapella – Some Like It Hot
Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY
Robert Emerson, Director and all reenacts

Mary Croxton
Molly Falkenstein
Laura Geraci
Jessica Gugino
Hope Harvey 
Alex Holbrook
Judy Lutz Woods
Susan Mackay
Joanne Mansfield
Marcia Merrins
Nancy Nixon- Ensign 
Kathleen Saunter
Nicki Schoenl

Doctor – Kyle Licht
Dead wife – Natalie Ehrensbeck

Joseph Damon – Noah Schoelermann
Young slave – Joshue Petion
Older slave – Michael Ellison
Eber Pettit Father – Dan Northrup


Official selections:
Mumbai International Film Festival
Lift Off Sessions, Pinewood Studios, LA
UFVA conference, Ausburg, MN


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