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17 Shots
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17 SHOTS is a very personal, intimate portrayal about how one needs to be one’s own lighthouse (Christia as the metaphor for the lighthouse) to be able to withstand the “blows” (waves hitting her) life hits you with – so that you don’t fall apart / come undone (like her dress will) every time it
This is a testimony about how one needs to take one’s own power back, within the good days and the bad, and all one’s own personal challenges (which in our story feels overwhelmingly more than the triumphs), find what it is you need to do, to keep standing and what you need to let go of (that which doesn’t serve you anymore), so that you can stay that way. Eventually enabling one to be able to weather all kinds of storms without having to try and numb the pain (with 17 SHOTS).
Once that balance is found, or rather, the inner knowledge that shifts one from rebirth and into evolving into a better version of one’s self, your light can shine, far and bright enough, for others to see too and in the process, without one even knowing, help them find their way back to whom they have been waiting for too – themselves.
The song is the reminder, of how everyday is another chance to start over, to make better, to be better and try again. Of how it’s never too late to come back to oneself and make oneself whole again. Of how the cracks are OK, because that really is, how the LIGHT gets in.

Genre: Music Video
Film Length: 4 min

ShowTimes: Fri, Sep 20 at 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Uga Carlini

Uga Carlini
Adolf Vorster

Main Cast:
Christia Visser


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